Escola Aberta1,2 is:
a) autonomous b) reflexive c) temporary

1.The Escola Aberta will be a temporary design school based in Rio de Janeiro. Teachers and students of graphic design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) will conduct a week of workshops, lectures and activities, aiming to ignite a discussion on ways of teaching and learning and to establish an exchange of ideas with Brazil.
2. Directed at students, young professionals and artists, masters and apprentices, the Escola Aberta will be free of charge and take place from the 6th till the 11th of August, at the Carioca Design Center, Tiradentes square.

Escola Aberta1,2 will be:
a) free of charge b) in Rio de Janeiro
c) on August 2012 d) from monday to friday

1.Application deadline is 1st of July 2012. A total of 60 participants will be selected.
2. Please note that the Escola Aberta is unable to provide or organize any accommodation, board or transportation. Attendance is expected for the entire duration of the school, i.e. every day from Monday till Friday.

Escola Aberta1,2 seeks:
a) studentse) craftsmeni) Brazilians
b) teachersf) artistsj) foreigners
c) mastersg) designersk) you
d) apprenticesh) philosophers

1.The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a dutch art and design academy, based in Amsterdam. It has grown to be a uniquely international school, open to applicants from all over the world. As a consequence an increased multicultural exchange of ideas, customs, knowledge and skills is cultivated. Particularly in the graphic design department the gap between teachers and students has become eminently narrow. This closeness ultimately opens up an intensified reciprocal exchange of opinions and ideals.
2.The Escola Aberta is looking for people with open minds, will for exchange, a questioning attitude and love for debate. Participants will be challenged to assume different roles during the week, to act as teachers and students, masters and apprentices, designers and artists. They must be able to switch from theory to practice and from protest to action.

T (true) or F (false):
(    ) An art school, simply put, is a representative of the institutionalization of art.
(    ) When our view of art is limited, so is our view of society.
(    ) If questions aren’t asked in art schools, where then?

From Teaching to Learn by Joseph Kosuth, 1991.

Knowledge is something that:
a) You have to repeat and memorize, in order to get a diploma.
b) When in fact you need it, you can get it anywhere.

In 1971, conceptual artist John Baldessari was asked to exhibit his work at an art school in Nova Scotia. Since the school had no funds to fly him out for the installation, Baldessari sent a piece of paper printed with the words, ‟I will not make any more boring art,” and instructed the school to recruit students to write the sentence repeatedly all over the gallery walls, ‟like punishment.”

Art cannot be taught. However, one can teach _______________. The School is the servant of the _____________. One day the two will merge into one. Therefore, there are no teachers and pupils, but ________________ and ________________.

From the ‟Bauhaus Manifesto”, Walter Gropius, 1919.

“We do not need to consciously learn anything in order to learn something”. Do you agree? Explain. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

From Robert Fillou’s interview with John Cage in ‟Teaching and Learning as performing arts”.

Schools are:
a) on demandd) museums
b) commoditiese) all of them
c) social events

School (from Greek “scholè”) means “free time”, being the time when people don’t have to act economically or politically. Within the domain of the school, neither accumulation and profit-seeking nor power games take center stage, but only the subject matter.

To apply:
1) You are expected to do a brief homework. Download your homework here.
2) Fill in the following form and submit your homework:
Escola Aberta
Full name
Date of birth
Current occupation
Security Code Click the image to reload. PHP FormMail Generator at

Please make sure that you have correctly named your pdf file stating both your first name and your last name (PDF maximum size is 3MB). All textual information used in your homework must be in English, as the applications will be reviewed by the participants of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, most of whom do not speak Portuguese. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation by email. Results will be published around the 11th of July 2012.

Escola Aberta is:
(Teachers of Graphic Design)
Bart de Baets
Elisabeth Klement
Floor Koomen
Linda van Deursen
Lisette Smits
Luna Maurer
Radim Pesko
Rebecca Stephany
Sam de Groot
Sara van der Heide
Uta Eisenreich
(Class of 2012)
Adrian Camenzind
Akiko Wakabayashi
Aude Debout
Balthazar Berling
Byrthe Lemmens
Clara Dutilleul
Corinne Gisel
Daiva Tubutyte
Daniel Norregaard
Doris Boerman
Emilia Bergmark
Emma Olanders
Esther Bentvelsen
Jakub Straka
Jules Estèves
Julia Künzi
Julio Reyes Montesinos
Karlis Krecers
Keun Pyo Ahn
Laura Pappa
Louise Kelpe
Lydia Sachse
Marine Delgado
Moonsik Kang
Nina Paim
Nora Halpern
Remy Alban Valton
Sigridur Juliusdottir
Yael Wicki
Are you a master or an apprentice?

Frank Lloyd Wright amidst his pupils at the Taliesen Fellowship, 1940.


‟Network–Teamwork Sociograms”, Uta Eisenreich, 2002.

Escola Aberta is:
a) b)

Joseph Beuys, to whom teaching is an essential part of his work as an artist.

Hermann von Baravalle teaching at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, 1956/57.

c) d)

Collective class at École Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris, end of 19th century.

Students dance at Black Mountain College, circa 1950.


For more detailed information about the Escola Aberta, download our press release. If you have any further doubts, don’t hesitate contacting us directly by e-mail. For news and updated information about the Escola Aberta program, please check our Facebook page.


Program developed as a collaborative effort by students and teachers of the graphic design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

Concept and organization:
Clara Meliande, Nina Paim, Tania Grillo

Design and Editing:
Corinne Gisel, Nina Paim

Jakub Straka